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Support Uganda Foundation starts its mission!

Helping charity projects in Uganda

We want to create a charity and crowdfunding website for people, schools, orphanages and other social institutions or facilities in Uganda. The service started on the 29th of december 2017. Please be patient with the small information on this website. The first organizations are connected to us, we are still working on content. All the people we work with at the moment are sending information and images about their projects. We have to valuate the information and update this website.

Looking for support in Uganda?

Feel free to use our contact form. We will answer as soon as possible to support your project, too.

You are looking for support in a different country in Africa?

Follow this link: to get in conatct with Alliance For Africas Orphanages (AFAO)


Support Uganda Foundation

Our main goal is to bring organizations together and build a charity network for Uganda. With our website we have a platform for all organizations. They can share information and knowledge and if possible even resources through it. Together we can profit from a better social media marketing and working on projects in teams.

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