Help us to protect children in Uganda from starvation!
Give them food, clean water, a home and education. .


Little help to create a better future.

Our mission is to give life
we should think about what we want to do. .

We want to find people around the world who help us support orphanages, schools and social projects in Uganda.
Bring help to orphans and children, women and families living in poverty
Find sponsors for the children!
Find volunteers!

Enable childrens to go to school to get an education.
Bring the projects together to learn from each other and to help each other
Reach self-sufficency, sustainability to the projects

We want to bring food to the organizations we support to achieve stability in care until the organizations are able to provide for themselves.
Collect donations (fund, clothes, school materials)

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The orphanages and other social projects

Let’s build the better world together without
starving children, pain and death.

Support our projects... We need you.

Kibigiya's Home For Orphans

Our first visit to Kyunga Village
Our goal is to support orphanages and social projects and to help with their implementation. On the one hand, we want to help to ensure nutrition but also that the overall living conditions for people improve.
So we are looking for partners!

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Childwork Organization and Orphanage in Kenya

Due to the fact that we are building up a network for orphanages and schools that help to educate young african people, our work will not stop at the border of Uganda. Although we might not be able to work in other coutries, we do not want to close our eyes for the problems around us.

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Christ Joyous Foundation

Christ joyous foundation located in Wakiso district catering for orphans and kids from poorest families. Please we request each every one with golden heart to bless the kids with basic needs like clothes, food, clear water, medication, education and shelter

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God's Care Children Foundation

One of the most interesting projects we found is Mr. Edward Lukwaya's God's Care Children Foundation. He works hard and was able with the support from wonderful people to build a school, buy chairs and desk and a lot of school materials to give this to orphans and children that come to his school. He is still looking for more support to get more teachers and others to support the orphans.God bless him.

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Our Partner

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