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    • AFAO – Alliance For Africa’s Orphanages
      The Alliance For Africa's Orphanages was founded by Arlene Wills Allen. It is a charity from the United States of America fully registered Non-profit and Non-Government Organisation. What they want to do is:
      1. Bring together and facilitate the registration of   verifiable orphanages in each country
      2. Help orphanages adhere to proper standards of care, as authorized by each country’s relevant regulations by instituting training programs for orphanages to increase their knowledge and skills regarding
      3. Promote latest advances in caring for children, disabled persons and the elderly
      4. Educate providers on how national regulations, laws and policies effect orphanages in areas including: Child Protection and Child Rights, etc.
      • Sustainability Projects
        In the search for solutions to the existing problems, we have a field particularly envisaged. The sustainable cultivation of food or the production of food is one of the cornerstones of a healthy society. In particular, the high cost factor in the care of orphans and homeless people can be sustainably secured and successfully implemented only through in-house production. We will present and discuss solutions here.
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    • 4 years, 8 months ago


    • Groupforum
      All Buddy Press groups go in here
      • AFAO – Group
        Charity from the US, that wants to help especially orphanages in Africa.
      • Support Uganda Foundation
        Support Uganda Foundation wants to help orphanages, schools and other social projects in Uganda. We build a social charity network. Connected to the Alliance For Africa's Orphanages, we are helping them with our knowledge and manpower in Uganda. Directly in Uganda we support AFAO-Uganda.
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    • 3 years, 8 months ago

      pastor mukisa isaac

    • Social projects in Uganda
      We support different social projects in Uganda. Some of them can be found here. Feel free to ask questions about the project or how you can profit from the project and the peoples knowledge.
      • Orphanages
        Orphanages supporting 20 or more orphans
      • Poultry Farm Uganda
        A small project in Kampala, Uganda to build a poultry farm and supoort other groups to build farms
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