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    • AFAO – Group
      Charity from the US, that wants to help especially orphanages in Africa.
      • AAHRED / AFAO – Kenya
        Africa Alliance for Health, Research and Economic Development (AAHRED) is a non-governmental organization employing volunteer action to empower local communities for sustainable all inclusive development. AFAO - Kenya is the country part of AFAO (Alliance For Africa's Orphanages) for Kenya.
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      pastor mukisa isaac

    • Support Uganda Foundation
      Support Uganda Foundation wants to help orphanages, schools and other social projects in Uganda. We build a social charity network. Connected to the Alliance For Africa's Orphanages, we are helping them with our knowledge and manpower in Uganda. Directly in Uganda we support AFAO-Uganda.
      • Errors and problems on the website
        Please report problems and errors that occur on our website. We try to fix them as soon as possible. We are live but some of the functions are not working, so you can test everything you want. Please be friendly, do not violate existing laws! And do not send money with paypal, if you do not want to pay moeny to us :-)
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