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Alliance For Africa’s Orphans (AFAO)

Since early february this year, we are in contact with AFAO (Alliance For Africa’s Orphans). WAFAO (Alliance For Africa's Orphans) Logoith the help of AFAO we could connect to several orphanages and schools that are located in Uganda. We are going to help them with our organization Support Uganda Foundation. After exchanging knowledge, we are working on several crowdfunding projects to improve our options to help the organizations. As the website of AFAO is still under construction, we try to build a social community here in Uganda with the help of friends.

But we need money to buy food, seeds, poultry and some tools to help the orphanages to reach self-sufficiency and enable them to help their neighborhood as well. We will report about that crowdfunding projects and our plans for a better future here on our website.

The Alliance for Africa’s Orphanages is a Florida non-profit organization which seeks to educate, professionalize and empower small orphanages across Africa. We are waiting for an interview with Arlene Wills Allen about her vision. You will find her facebook page here: Love Mother Africa

Kind regards,
Support Uganda Foundation


  1. By 2015 ,the number of orphans in Africa stood at 52 million. This bring us to the fact that we have a big responsibility of love and compassion to assist these children with good shelter,Food ,education and enhancing their search for better life and dignity.

    The Orphanages and OVC care projects need support and right education for improvement of lives through sustainability of support and projects.
    we are here for that reason and together we can build a better future for the children of Africa.Justine T.Kurui,The CEO,AAHRED and the deputy to The AFAO President.

  2. VolkerG says:

    Justine, we do believe that we are on the way to change something. A lot of organizations are going this way but have problems to change something because they do not get help. We try to bring help to this organizations, we try to bring security to the supporters and donors because we are changing the the way the donors can interact with these organisations. We want that donors see that their donation reaches the people and the project they gave the donation for.

    We want to bring back the trust that get lost because of scammers.

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