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Important changes on 06.01.2018

Big changes this year!

Looking for a new house

In an internet meeting yesterday Mr. Micheal Kisegerwa, Ms. Beatrice Adikini and Mr. Patrick Kibigiya director of Mr. Philips Mwesi’s orphanage discussed about helping each other for a better future. In fact: “Combining powers!” is the best way to reach our goals. Together we have more knowledge, more hands and more funds.

The first problem we reached was: Transportation costs:

Going to the orphanage, going to the farm, especially, when the farm is several kilometers away, you need to hire a Boda Boda (we would say motorbike) that brings a person to its destination. Although this is not that expensive for us, it is very expensive for people in Uganda. Paying 15.000 UGX (about 4 dollars) per person every 2. day, does not be efficent, especially when it tooks about an hour to go there and you need several people on the field and on the farm to help.

The next thing we talked about: Price to rent a house:

We have the same problem here. All members in the discussion lived in different places not really in the neighborhood. Every members has its own room, has to pay the rental fee, has to walk to the market, buy food, prepare the food, …

And we talked about communication, living, education, helping in the house, internet work, creating social profiles, logos, creating crowdfunding projects …

The result is wonderful

Due to the fact that there isn’t enough money for all of this, we have agreed to look for a house that is big enough to give room to the orphanage, a small office and for all of us. Therefore we are going to rent a house that will fit our needs and will give a new home to the children. (pictures show where they live at the moment) But we need your help to do that.

Further effects


As we started to work as “Support Uganda” and we are going to register this, we created a logo to visualize our basic intention: Support people in Uganda, support children and give them hope! For a few dollars a day everybody can help a child to get clear water, food, education. We want to help and we want to find other people that want to help, too.

The first one we want to help and support is: Mr. Patrick Kibigiya’s organization , that is registered as an CBO (Community based organization). He is a wonderful person and cares very well for his orphanage. But we are going to help him with the chicken farm and growing food on the field. On the other hand we will work together for a better home for the children and to find people who can help with donations.


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