Uganda reports 36 new cases of COVID-19, The total confirmed cases are now 593.
Uganda’s Covid-19 cases Rise to 770.
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Uganda: 694 total Covid-19 cases


The novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID) which was declared a pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO) this year has ravaged many countries in the world. A number of measures aimed at curbing the spread of the virus have been introduced across the world. In Uganda, the measures introduced by the Government include banning of all passenger flights, temporary closure of restaurants and bars, dusk to dawn curfew, cessation of movement in and out of some high-risk areas among others. Globally, the confirmed cases of corona virus infections stood at 7,812,145 with 430,230 deaths (WHO) as at 13th June 2020. In Uganda, the confirmed cases are 694 with 0 deaths and 199 recoveries (Ministry of Health) as of late

The uncertainty caused by the disease in various sectors of the economy has led to introduction of measures, by business owners, geared towards ensuring their businesses remain afloat. The enterprises have had to delay investments, purchases of goods and the hiring of workers, while others have resorted to salary cuts for their employees, temporary layoffs and some have resorted to total closure. This continues to have knock-on effects on incomes, particularly for informal and casual workers.

In order to respond to the crisis and to cushion Uganda from the adverse effects of the COVID-19, the Government has enforced the army to assist in the treatment of COVID 19 patients at the country’s national Referral hospital. It has set up 100 bed capacity, mobile hospital with intensive care facilities and also restricting local and cross border movement. This has prevented the rate at which COVID 19 spreads among people. Currently, the government released private cars and emphasized the wearing of masks and social distancing, this eased the lock down. The public vehicles are to be released after Nytil Company produces enough mask to provide to the community as enforced by the government.  There has also been a lot of contributions from different organizations, companies and individuals in terms of food and money to help the community during the COVID 19 war. The supply of food like beans and posho to various communities has reduced hunger cases in Uganda.

In conclusion, COVID 19 is already the Next Normal, being infected is not a death wish or sentence, and rather it’s a challenge to a person’s immunity that is susceptible to foreign pathogens. Therefore, we need to treat each other with empathy and learn how to live with it just like the other viruses eg; HIV/AIDs. Boosting immunity, hand sanitizing, temperature check and masking will always stand as the best remedy to fight against this Virus till the vaccine is out.


Micheal Kisegerwa
Micheal Kisegerwa
I am 28 years old, I was born on 14.04.1990 in Rubaga, Uganda. My parents died, I lived with my Grandma. After she died in 2009 I stayed at the house. It is just one room. I finished NKUMBA UNIVERSITY with a degree of Bachelor of Procurement and Logistic Management (B.PLM) 2008-2011. Fighting my situation, I met Mr. Volker Glienke on facebook and he showed me, that it is time to change my life and to start "Thinking Big!" We started a new project: KiM Support Uganda Foundation (KSUF) Limited, not only changing my life, but changing our situation in Uganda.

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