Our visit to Okwaimungu Jimmy.
Our visit to Kibigiya’s Home for Orphans
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Our visit to Ebenezer Sustains Orphans and Vulnerable Children Uganda

Ebenezer Sustains Orphans and other Vulnerable Children Uganda was founded in 2016. The Project is located in Kisoro District central Division, Kisoro Main village found in Southwestern Uganda. It has proposed to support 120 beneficiaries at the beginning who are needy children from different areas in Kisoro District. It was founded by Bishop Deo Ziragora after carrying out needs assessment exercise on orphans and other vulnerable children in Kisoro District Uganda.

KiM Support Uganda Foundation(KSUF)  donated 100 kgs of Posho,Thank you so much for supporting us. God bless you all and Keep donating to KiM Support Uganda Foundation (KSUF).


Micheal Kisegerwa
Micheal Kisegerwa
I am 28 years old, I was born on 14.04.1990 in Rubaga, Uganda. My parents died, I lived with my Grandma. After she died in 2009 I stayed at the house. It is just one room. I finished NKUMBA UNIVERSITY with a degree of Bachelor of Procurement and Logistic Management (B.PLM) 2008-2011. Fighting my situation, I met Mr. Volker Glienke on facebook and he showed me, that it is time to change my life and to start "Thinking Big!" We started a new project: KiM Support Uganda Foundation (KSUF) Limited, not only changing my life, but changing our situation in Uganda.

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