Uganda’s Covid-19 cases rise to 329.
84 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in Uganda. The total confirmed cases are now 413.
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Coronavirus Cases: 6,025,351 Deaths: 366,401 Recovered: 2,655,715

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May 29 (GMT)


  • 24,465 new cases and 1,201 new deaths in the United StatesLouisiana Department of Health: “Due to network technical issues, case and testing data could not be updated today. The data on deaths and hospitalization have not been impacted. Once resolved, LDH will update at the next noon update.” [source]
  • 29,526 new cases and 1,180 new deaths in Brazil [source]
  • 6,506 new cases and 131 new deaths in Peru [source]
  • 1,289 new cases and 34 new deaths in Egypt [source]
  • 597 new cases and 52 new deaths in France. ‘Total Cases’ is the sum of total cases in hospitals and EMS probable cases [source] [source]
  • 32 new cases and 1 new death in Mali [source]
  • 516 new cases and 87 new deaths in Italy [source]
  • 658 new cases and 2 new deaths in Spain. ‘Total Cases’ is the sum of total cases detected by PRC and antibodies tests   [source]
  • 175 new cases and 38 new deaths in Sudan [source]
  • 416 new cases and 6 new deaths in Iraq [source]
  • 127 new cases and 4 new deaths in Kenya [source]
  • 1,993 new cases and 3 new deaths in Qatar [source]
  • 2,819 new cases and 50 new deaths in Iran [source]
  • 8,572 new cases and 232 new deaths in Russia [source]
  • 3,377 new cases and 447 new deaths in Mexico [source]
Micheal Kisegerwa
Micheal Kisegerwa
I am 28 years old, I was born on 14.04.1990 in Rubaga, Uganda. My parents died, I lived with my Grandma. After she died in 2009 I stayed at the house. It is just one room. I finished NKUMBA UNIVERSITY with a degree of Bachelor of Procurement and Logistic Management (B.PLM) 2008-2011. Fighting my situation, I met Mr. Volker Glienke on facebook and he showed me, that it is time to change my life and to start "Thinking Big!" We started a new project: KiM Support Uganda Foundation (KSUF) Limited, not only changing my life, but changing our situation in Uganda.

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