COVID-19 in Uganda
Uganda has at least 63 confirmed COVID-19 cases.
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Coronavirus Cases: 2,490,516 Deaths: 170,590 Recovered: 653,577

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April 21 (GMT)

  • 98 new cases and 1 new death in Oman: a 53-year-old person [source]
Micheal Kisegerwa
Micheal Kisegerwa
I am 28 years old, I was born on 14.04.1990 in Rubaga, Uganda. My parents died, I lived with my Grandma. After she died in 2009 I stayed at the house. It is just one room. I finished NKUMBA UNIVERSITY with a degree of Bachelor of Procurement and Logistic Management (B.PLM) 2008-2011. Fighting my situation, I met Mr. Volker Glienke on facebook and he showed me, that it is time to change my life and to start "Thinking Big!" We started a new project: KiM Support Uganda Foundation (KSUF) Limited, not only changing my life, but changing our situation in Uganda.

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