Mother Care Foundation in Uganda

I am pleased to write to about MOTHER CARE FOUNDATION (MCF) project that i believe it will be of interest to your charity, (MCF) is seeking help to expand and shore its successful programs to provides aggressive serv ices (MCF) is one of the Uganda’s Mother child care / emergency outreach, providing help mentoring, support to all children abused, Neglected of their rights to Education and Healthcare. (MCF) is focusing on; Incredible skilling, training Heads, Heart, Hands and Action. Child Mentoring, Counseling and Guiding. Getting sponsorship for those Younger children. Providing scholastic Materials for Neglected child. Identify children denied of their health rights. Homing every child and talent development. Child Visioning and protection. We are seeking, help, partnership from you ,your Organization service you have interest in Education, Skilling, Healthcare and helping those from the minority, underrepresented communities, Thanks you for taking time to learn about our project mission. We appreciate your considerate attention Hope to hear from you / support from you,
KIGUNDU STUART (Ground Program Director)


Wakiso District, kiboga District,

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MOTHER CARE FOUNDATION (MCF) is a national, nonprofit, education and Healthy based organization dedicated to helping children in needy, live healthy, safe homing and education. Since 2010,Our ministry of service has supported and empowered Uganda’s most top extreme poor families and children neglected of their right to education, vulnerable groups, Poor people,700 Orphaned Children and Refugees , including Street kids, Seniors, people with disabilities in Uganda.
We educate Refugee children by providing not only education, but also the vital support services they need to thrive (basic needs). We are one of the nation’s largest nonprofit providers of free education
For more than 5 years, Mother Care foundation (MCF) has responded to the nation’s education and health care needs. Today, we are a major provider of free education and medication for children, seniors and others coping with illness or injury. We offer a continuum of services that extends to the children, elderly and disabled people requiring long-term education and health support, including, homing children at our orphanage school, mothering orphaned children as well visioning for future.
In our changing and developing society, a number of Orphan, Semi Orphan and Street Children are found. The problem of orphan / street children is acute due to urbanization and industrialization. Due to the deaths of HIV/AIDS affected parents, Re-marriage of deserted / widowed / divorce women, absence of love and security in the families, Family disputes, Unwanted pregnancy of Trafficking / Sexually exploited girls; these orphan and street children are left without care and support. These children are involved in rag picking; pick pocketing and participating in anti-social, crime activities.
Therefore we create awareness for the well development and provision of education to most of the Orphans and other helpless children per time we are able to provide, support and save the Children in Uganda.

Our mission is to Provide Education ,Health Programs, child life planning that are taking into account Education, Homing every Child, Healthcare, Incredible skilling, future visioning and child rights protection.

In spite of planned development and special provision for accelerated social-economic development of neglected/disadvantaged sections, the issue of orphans, semi orphans and street children is not properly addressed.
As our mission of Providing Education, Skills Programs, child life planning that are taking into account education, Homing every Child, Healthcare, Incredible skilling, future visioning and child rights protection.

We do offer these services through several measure and which are under these provisions to all the helpless children we do support under Mother Care Foundation (MCF)
• Formal Education.
• Dual Education.
• Skills education
• Parental empowerment

We also detailed keep focusing on;
1. Providing formal and dual education primary, secondary school to university.
2. Identify children denied of their education and health rights.
3. Enroll children in government and private schools.
4. Providing basic needs and home for every child.
5. Providing scholastic materials to neglected children.
6. Parental counseling, guiding and parent empowerment.
7. Developing, promote, sustainable skills and transform children who can adjust and deal with the newly developments in this ever evolving world.
8. Acquire sponsors for these children.
9. Prevention of child abuse and neglect.
10. Incredible skilling and talents development (teach a child to fish).
11. Child protection and advocacy.

NOTE Caring and homing the homeless children.

The project proposed in this scheme is meant for additional support to run the orphan children home through focusing on education, food and basic necessities, health services and other needed or urgent services for these kids.

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Mother Care foundation (MCF) aims to Provide Education ,Health Programs, child life planning that are taking into account of Education, Homing every Child, Healthcare, Incredible skilling, future visioning, child rights protection and parental empowerment.
PARENTAL EMPOWERMENT: Parents are skilled as well educated on how to start businesses (start small grow big), as well starting capital, In turn this solve the General country problem of Unemployment, and improves family status of living.
EDUCATION: We do provide school necessities to all children catered for under the project and also create awareness towards the heartfelt people who usually donate towards the education services of these kids.
HOMING EVERY CHILD: We do provide necessary homing materials like orphans home to keep them safe and also provide them with attributes to keep them moving in the general life as other children in the whole world.