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Donations are used for the project/purpose you send them too. We list the donations we got and the person who send the money in our anual report. Every donation goes directly to the project it is given for. Money given to Support Uganda Foundation will be used to visit and verify organizations and children or students that are looking for sponsorship.

Support Uganda Foundation basic needs project

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KSUF – KiM Support Uganda Foundation Limited

With our work we want to support organizations to find more supporter. We verify organizations in Uganda and help other country partners of AFAO – Alliance For Africa’s Orphanages to do the same in their countries. We visited Kenya in April 2018.

With our help, the organizations in Uganda learen how to use their smartphones to get more attention from the social media. We link them to other organizations and build up a Social Charity Network.

Our main goals are:

  1. Empower organizations to reach self-sufficiency
  2. Support Orphanages to fullfill regulations
  3. Bring food and clothes to the needy
  4. Build up Poultry farmes
  5. Improve farming
  6. Improve teambuilding
  7. Verify existing organizations