• Since early february this year, we are in contact with AFAO (Alliance For Africa’s Orphans). With the help of AFAO we could connect to several orphanages and schools that are located in Uganda. We are going to […]

  • On the 8th of february 2018 Micheal Kisegerwa and Beatrice Adikini traveled to Christ Joyous Foundation. Mark Wigan, the director of Christ Joyous Foundation is running a school orphanage. He is catering orphans […]

  • Last week, 5th february 2018, Micheal Kisegerwa and Beatrice Adikini visited God’s Care Children Foundation. The work that Mr. Edward Lukwaya has done is wonderful. He managed to take care for orphans, built and […]

  • Mother Care Foundation (MCF) joins us
    New day, new organization. The need of support for children especially orphans in Uganda is rising every day. Our network is growing and every day we find other organizations […]

  • A new organization contacted us today!
    The number of vulnerable children in Africa is multiplying as we speak. Disease, war, and poverty continue to take lives and rip families apart. In Uganda, 2.5 million […]

  • Big changes this year!
    Looking for a new house
    In an internet meeting yesterday Mr. Micheal Kisegerwa, Ms. Beatrice Adikini and Mr. Patrick Kibigiya director of Mr. Philips Mwesi’s orphanage discussed about […]